Cassini has been circling around Saturn for 13 years

On the icy moon Enceladus it discovered...

an ocean of water hidden beneath the surface

eight times as deep as the oceans on Earth.

Cassini's chemical analysis of the water...

suggests conditions could be right for micro-organisms to live there.

While visiting Saturn's largest moon

which is the size of the planet Mercury

Cassini flew over seas and lakes of methane

and discovered they are up to 170 metres deep.

On Saturn itself, above the north pole

Cassini took photos of a hexagonal hurricane 32,000km across.

Scientists have puzzled over how this giant storm spins.

Cassini measured its winds at a staggering 330mph

Four times as strong as a hurricane on Earth!

Back out on the edge of one of Saturn's rings

among the clouds of ice particles

Cassini even captured the birth of a possible new moon.

It's been named Peggy and is just 1km wide.

Finally, running out of fuel,

Cassini was flown directly towards the planet

until it burnt up in Saturn's atmosphere.